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Over The Great Divide

June 14th, 2012


Howdy sports fans,

June 1, 2012

Due to an exceptionally early spring and low Jackson Hole snow levels the steely-eyed guide thought it would be fairly easy to exceed the known record crossing Two Ocean Pass and riding down into Yellowstone Meadows in the month of May. As you can see from the photos He was mistaken and it was an epic journey. But we made it!!

May on the upper Yellowstone is real wild since there has been no human presence for six months. There are big herds of elk out on the meadow 24-7 something new every time you look thru the scope weather its a separate dozen big bulls looking like they have tables on their heads from the half-formed antlers to Grizzly, Deer, Eagles and pelicans to name a few of the players.

The first couple days I saw 0 fish but finally the run started and they were stacked in there by the end of the week.

20″ Cutthroat

This years front runners all seem to be 20 to 23″, fatter than footballs and challenging to land in that big, fast water.

Fishing prospects look great for the next 4-6 weeks and hopefully we’ll see the 25-26″ of last years in the next weeks.

Best from Wyoming,




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