Stearns Outfitters

Licensing Information

You should be able to draw 100% successful on Wy. general area Elk licenses again this year even with 0 preference points. The advantage to preference points will is that they will save you $ on the tag fee if you are planning a hunt a year or two in the future. You can buy (no draw) a preference point for the following year up until Sept. 30.

You can apply for Licenses (and or points) online at the Wy. Game dept. website at Please contact us for help with the application process.

If you apply correctly you should be assured of a elk license.

Preference Points

Having a preference point can improve your license drawing odds to 100% . 2 preference points can guarantee you draw and save you $400 on the application . You can apply for the point between July 1 and September 30 with the Wyoming game and Fish online at Wyoming Game and Fish

Stearns Outfitters