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Hunt Gear List

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Pack gear in 2 dufflebags of 24″ or less. 2 x Cabelas JE-51-6188 in the 14′ x 24′ size are perfect.The object is to have 2 bags of equal weight and bulk to make a balanced load for the pack mule. One oversize bag sucks.

  • 2-3 entire changes of clothing (extra  socks)
  • Long johns
  • Wool or fleece camo jacket and pants (for quiet lowvis stalking in brush and timber) Test it before you come to make sure its quiet.beware of silent suede, its loud.
  • 1 pair broke in hunting boots
  • 1 pair rain/snowproof boots (we highly recommend the Schnees Outfitter II model with tire tread and 13 or 16″ tops.) These are much safer in stirrups than the lug soles.
  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • Camo hunter orange cap or hat.
  •    Be prepared  to dress in layers that can be taken off or put on as the temperature changes
  • Rain gear (top & bottom)
  • Sleeping bag that will keep you warm down to -10
  • Binoculars/camera/rangefinder
  • Lighweight headlamp (Petzl type) w/3 sets extra batteries
  • Towl, washcloth, toiletries & meds.
  •  heavyweight game bags (4 quarter size)
  • Wy. Hunting license.
  • Wy. Conservation stamp
  • Wy. Feedground management stamp
  • Rifle and ammo
  • 8 oz. Bear spray with belt holster.


  • Any rifle from a .243 to a 338 ultramaggot will do the job with a well-placed shot. We sometimes encounter shots in the longer range class of 200-500 yards. For these there is an advantage with the magnum calibers. We like the 7mm or 300 win mags and most hunters do not mind the kick. However be sure you are comfortable with the recoil of the rifle you bring. If you flinch and cripple or miss a bull elk it can ruin your day-or week. If you don’t like cannons bigger than your ole ’06 then bring the ’06.
  • We suggest sighting in for POI at 200 yards.
  • Personally check that all rifle and scope screws are tight and seated with locktite.
  • Take that rifle to the range yourself and fire it at each distance out to 500 yards with the cartridges you intend to hunt with.
  • After you have the rifle grouping tight off the bench it’s very important to shoot offhand, sitting and prone. (Field conditions)
  • If your rifle is equiped with a recoil suppressor please show respect for your fellow hunters, horses and guides by removing it and put on the thread cap before your hunt.
  • Being in good physcial condition is essential for our hunts.  The better shape you are in the better your chances of a successful hunt.
  • Our hunting country is between 8 and 11,000 ft. altitude with lots of up and down so plan your workout accordingly.

Come prepared for success !!

Stearns Outfitters